Online tools for syncing, fixing and converting subtitle files.


Subtitle Shifter

Shift all timestamps of a subtitle file by an amount of milliseconds.

Partial Subtitle Shifter

Resync multiple specific parts of a subtitle file.


Convert to Srt

Converts many types of text-based subtitle files to srt.

Convert to Vtt

Converts many types of text-based subtitle files to Vtt.

Sub/Idx to Srt Converter

Converts picture-based sub/idx subtitles to srt.

Sup to Srt Converter

Coverts picture-based sup subtitles to srt.

Convert to Plain Text

Convert text-based subtitles to plain text.

Fixing and cleaning

Srt Cleaner

Remove incorrect formatting and SDH from srt files.

Convert to UTF-8

Change text encoding of any file to UTF-8.

Other tools

Make Pinyin Subtitles

Turn normal Chinese subtitles into romanized, pinyin subtitles.

Subtitle Merger

Combine two subtitles into a single file.

Color changer

Change the color of subtitle text.